About Me

We live in an amazing world and there is a sense in which all of us are ‘riding the light’ – we are here because of the energy of light that allows life, and we see and understand the world through that light. Photography is an wonderful creative ‘science with art’ that allows us to convey the effect of that light and form visual images that communicate beyond words. Light is also an important metaphor for the insight and wisdom that make for human flourishing and a sustainable earth.

The act of photographing a scene, event, family, person or unfolding drama requires the photographer to look deeply and to see the moment: a moment held by the photograph offering its light to the future, conveying a memory and message beyond words.

After a career in medicine it delights me to be able to give myself more fully to photography. My other interests include contemporary spirituality (I trained as an interfaith minister) and jazz piano. Previously I photographed weddings with White Dove Photography but now, having retired to Wells in 2017, I am taking in the delights of Wells, Somerset and the surrounding areas with landscape and other genres of photography. I love to discreetly capture beautiful, special or sacred places and moments, looking for scenes that shimmer with beauty or poignancy.

These days I see myself as a ‘contemplative’ photographer – one who aspires to see the shimmering radiance of the life energy of the universe, the presence and emanation of God, in people, places and events. This may be seen in so many ways – the grandeur of a landscape, the beauty of the human face and form, the wonder of nature and life in all its forms. For me these and many other things are an expression of the divine which invite wonder, adoration and praise – as well as a desire to seek just and compassionate ways for the earth and its races and species. Contemplative photography is also able to disclose characteristics of situations that are unjust, cruel, lacking wisdom and that suggest a world view ready for transcending. 

I think the invitation that we have as human beings is to ‘ride the light’ – to allow the light to shine on and through our lives – to be vehicles for all that is good, beautiful, true, loving and compassionate. For me the ultimate exemplar of this is Jesus the Christ…and the many who have been inspired by his Presence and his Way.

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