Distant Murmurations

I read this from Samuel Lewis this morning:

God is love, from love the world became,
And back to love does everything return;
Love binds the different atoms into forms,
Love holds the cells of bodies as unity,
Makes possible the marvels of growing life,
Turns man into a miniature universe,
And congregates all people in brotherhood;
From love, the complete panorama of life –
Its absence leads to death, to war, to fratricide.
This is no mystery to the awakened heart;
Peace on earth to men of universal will,
Who rise above their selfish limitations,
And see the world as God would have them see.

And so I set out with the intention of photographing the market stall holders in Wells – an example of willing brotherhood and sisterhood creating an amiable exchange – only to find there was no market today after the holiday period. Instead I had to make do with swans and ducks sheltering from the wind and the local iron highland cow in gawdy array. But then with Matt, later in the day, a trip to nearby RSPB Ham Wall in search of murmurations of starlings. We were losing the light when they eventually arrived about 5pm and they decided to settle  not at Ham wall but some distance away at Westhay Moor Nature Reserve. So we were treated to distant murmurations and the desire to visit again for better sightings – watch this space!

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