Epiphany Shadow Play

Epiphany – a time or moment of great insight, revelation or realisation. But we live in a world and at a time when there is great confusion about what is real, true or insightful. Bubbles of news or fake news surround us so that we can become trapped in shadow or distortion.

Today was our first visit to the Bishop’s Palace Garden in Wells after the closure for Christmas/New Year. Initially I was looking for signs of new life – developing buds and the like. But then I was struck by the shadows of trees on the walls of  the Poustinia – which is itself a place of revealing. The shadows were playing as if on a cinema screen, moving with the cold wind. At firsat glance it was difficult to distinguish the real branches of the trees from the shadows. The trees themselves, even at this time of year, had colour and life but the shadows dark and without colour. The real is creative and life giving, the unreal but a dark shadow.

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