Heather Jane Wallace – The Life and Times of Chloe Klass

Heather Jane Wallace is a contemporary artist based in Wells Somerset, at the Heritage Courtyard Studios. Her work is a playful but deep examination of contemporary culture locating the final paintings “somewhere between apocalypse and carnival”. The is a quirky, evocative, comedic and dark side to her work.

She has a recent Exhibition of her six painting which form the series “The Life and Times of Chloe Klass” at Cedars Hall, Wells Cathedral School. The images here show her discussing the work at the close of the exhibition today.

The series was inspired by the William Hogarth series of paintings and etchings ‘A Harlots Progress’ which depicts the story of a young woman, Moll Hackabout, arriving in London from the country and falling into prostitution. Heather Jane Wallace’s series reflect a contemporary parallel, not necessarily involving prostitution itself but perhaps reflecting on the ‘double gesture’ of life where the outward appearance may be covering and inner uncertainty and disquiet.

See https://www.heritagecourtyardstudio.com/     http://heatherjanewallace.com/




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