St Dunstan's Reordering

In April 2014 the Reordering of St Dunstan’s Church in Liverpool was complete. These images portray the inauguration opening ceremony and service.

St Dunstan’s is a progressive Anglican church in inner-city Liverpool with an exciting vision: re-imagining the sacramental tradition through a more contemporary focus on drama, light, colour, movement and the sacraments. The intention is for worship to enable the entering of the Christian story with more power, the experiencing of the sacred with all human senses and the building of a transformed and transformative community.

The reordering of the building has involved the entire shape of the worship space. Instead of the congregation sitting in rows like at a concert, everyone is now seated on either side of a new focus for worship down the length of the church. There is also movement around the building during worship. Both the seating arrangement and the movement in worship make the experience very participative. Lighting has been installed along the liturgical axis which is a straight line from front to back, starting at the font, moving to the ambo, and finally to the altar. This lighting is very flexible both in terms of intensity, and colour. It also creates a dramatic atmosphere for worship.

The Very Revd Richard Giles acted as consultant during the process of change to both building and the approach to the re-visioning of sacramental worship. Richard has written several very well received books including Re-pitching the Tent and Creating Uncommon Worship. Richard was formerly Dean of Philadelphia Cathedral. He has also designed a new altar, and new ambo/lectern for St Dunstan’s.




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