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I’m launching my new website today which is essentially a photo gallery site with a photo blog. It looks to me to be a bit quirky at the moment, partly because I’ve chosen to adapt a Skellig photo for the home page (at least for a short while)  because it caught my imagination at the time and again looking through the archives.

I hadn’t heard of The Skelligs until a short trip to Southern Ireland in June last year. We were there to photograph a conference but had a few days in Killarney and the Ring of Kerry. We caught sight of some jagged rocks in the sea an later saw the sculpture of the monks in the boat – To the Skelligs by the late Eamon Doherty. The writer Geoffrey Moorhouse tells this story:

“There was a holiday on the west coast of Ireland, when my children were very young and in no mood for anything but messing about on a sandy beach, or investigating the rock pools left behind by an ebbing tide. Climbing a headland on a day of newly rinsed clarity, I noticed for the first time two jagged shapes far out to sea, where they had earlier been hidden by rain-cloud or fog. There was something about their outlines that made them seem untouchable, made me think of them immediately as rocks and not as islands. A little later I asked an old man about them and his eyes widened, his brow lifted, as he told me I had seen the Skelligs and would be forever restless until I had set foot on one of them. “For that is holy ground over there” he said, explaining that monks had dwelt on Skellig Michael for hundreds of years.   Sun Dancing – introduction

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